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"Hi, Everything works extremely well and my first burn was of the very highest quality. Thanks for your help." ~ Alan Walker "We ended up with an exact copy of the movie, including special features... 007 DVD Copy certainly works! If you have a DVD burner and movies you'd like to make backups of, you may want to get it--while you can." Barbara Sharratt


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Frequently Asked Questions of 007 DVD Creator
How to install related codec of video source type? If you have codec installed, no need to install it again.
  Codecs you may need to open some movies file ,Such as Wmv,Xvid,Divx








Why it only convert the first a few minutes of each video files?
Please notice the DEMO(unregister) version will only convert the first a few minutes of each video file, this means the result on DVD disk only contains first a few minutes of each video file. This is not a software problem, it is only a limitation of DEMO(unregister) version. Register it will eliminate the limitation.

Where is the convert result be stored?
By default, it is under directory c:\007dvdcreate

Message about missing DLL on software startup?
If you receive an message about an missing winaspi DLL please reinstall our software.

DVD cannot be played by Standalone Player (Hardware Player)?
-You may have to lower the burning speed by selecting [Write Speed], we recommend you to select a lower speed to make sure your disk can be played on some old regular DVD player. Especially when you are using a DVDRW or CDRW disk. Application automatically chooses the lowest speed to make sure of this. You can change it higher, it depends on your DVD player, DVD±R/RW disk and your experience.
-Make sure you are using the right type of disc for your hardware player. Some players will only read one of the formats (+ or -) but both.
-Use high quality recordable DVD disc like Verbatim, CMC, Ritek, Fuji, etc, avoid using cheap discs. Always refer to the DVD writer manufacturer for the list of recommended discs for your DVD writer drive.
-You may have to lower the burning speed. Many writers are not compatible with cheap blanks. The quality of some blanks is actually so bad, that the specified maximum speed cannot be reached. Find a combination of writer, disc and player that work together.
-Standalone DVD Player can play DVD, SVCD, VCD disk.
-Standalone VCD Player can play only VCD disk.

Standalone Player (Hardware Player)
If you play the DVD and the image jerks from time to time, check if the disc is clean.
DVD cannot be played: First, reject and re-insert DVD. If that doesn’t help, you have to check the media type you have used. If you have used RW media, make sure that your player supports +/- RW media. Some old player do not support the +R format.